What To Expect


What are weekend services like?

Our services at New Life are filled with excitement and love. We do our best to keep you in mind. Each weekend you will be able to worship in a clean and comfortable atmosphere; filled with exciting worship music, a relevant sermon and loving people. We encourage you to be yourself while you are with us.

I'm a first time visitor. What happens when I come?

If you are joining us for the first time (or 50th time) you'll be greeted with a smile and hug by one of our awesome greeters. We won't make you stand up and give your life story, not beg you to give us money. You are probably just checking us out and don't want to commit right away, and that is perfectly fine. We just ask that you come and enjoy the atmosphere. 

What do I wear?

There is no set dress code. We believe that God looks at the heart more than outward appearance. You can be free to wear what you would like.

I have kids. What about them? 

Our nursery is open weekly for children who are toddlers and younger, as well as nursing mothers. On 2nd and 4th Sunday's we hold Youth Church. Youth Church is a duplicate of our main worship service, held next door in our secure area.  Youth Church is specifically designed with your youth in mind. Our staff is trained and certified to handle your children and you can be assured that they will enjoy themselves just as much as you will enjoy yourself. 

How do I get connected with people and meet others?

When you come to church we will ask you to fill out a simple connect card which will allow us keep in contact with you. We will not blow up your phone or bother you consistently. We will also place you in the hands of one of our caretaker group leaders which will let you know of the many events and gatherings going on in our church. A great way to be connected and get involved.