...Becoming Kingdom Minded starts now!

Thy Kingdom Come...
— Matthew 6:10

God has spoken. We are responding. God has given us a mandate to become more Kingdom minded. Kingdom focused. Kingdom aligned. God is petitioning us through His word to take on the mind of Christ. To live and expand the Kingdom here on earth. "Here, as it is, in Heaven..." He's calling us to shift!

...Seek Ye First, The Kingdom...
— Matthew 6:33

This shift in the trajectory of our ministry will cause us all as members to come in alignment with God's word and His precepts. This month, during our annual church consecration, we will do just that. Through our Sunday, services, to our Weekly revival worship nights, to our prayer points and morning prayer sessions; our hope is that we as a church would grow in our faith shift our focus towards kingdom principals. 

Our desire is that every member would participate in our monthly activities and also invite friends and family to join us. Download our graphics below so you can share on social media and via email. 


January Schedule of Events

Daily Diet for the 21 Day fast

The fast will commence on Monday, January 9, 2017 and end on Sunday, January 29, 2017 after morning service. All members are asked to select a food you will abstain from for 21 days in the following areas:

  • Meat
  • Dessert
  • Beverage

Members are asked to select a personal entertainment you will abstain from for 21 days. Remember, you are voluntarily giving up something that you enjoy eating and doing for the 21 days.

We encourage you to limit your television viewing to Christian programs, Christian DVDs and the news. Remember to read your bible and Christian books. Pray and meditate on scriptures throughout the day.

corporate prayer

We'll hold prayer on the following Saturday's

  • Saturday, Jan. 14 from 9am – 10:00am
  • Saturday, Jan. 21 from 9am – 10:00am
  • Saturday, Jan. 28 from 9am – 10:00am

Books to read during the fast...

Keep your mind intrigued during the fast. Check out these recommended books to read during your fast...

...are you ready for the SHIFT?

New Life is a season of SHIFTING! God is positioning us as a church that will bring revival to the city of Laurel, the State of Maryland and beyond. God has given our pastor a mandate to begin pushing our church towards a shifting in the spirit. For 2017, we will be focusing exclusively on our core church model, the Acts 2 Model, which prompts us to Evangelize, Connect, Teach and Reproduce The question is...are you ready for it?

Starting this coming January, pastor will be teaching a two-month long series from the book entitled Church Shift: Revolutionizing Your Faith, Church, and Life for the 21st Century, written by Pastor Sunday Adelaja. This book is going to be key in revolutionizing our church for the next place He is taking us. We want you to be ready! 

We want you to get your hands on the book and begin your study of the book today! Church Shift, is available on most major book retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc.). The links for the books are below. If you would like for New Life to order the book for you, please use the PayPal option below. 

We ask you to please connect with the progressive vision of our pastor and purchase your copy of Church Shift today! We are sure that it will bless you mightily! 


Prayer Points

We Believe That...

1. ...the Lord will bring salvation and restoration to our nation

through the power of Jesus Christ.

2. ... our families, friends and associates will come to know Jesus

Christ, and develop a loving relationship with the Lord.

3. ... our membership will become awakened to their purpose in

life and committed to drawing the lost to Jesus Christ.

4. ...New Life will have a great impact in the city of Laurel through

evangelism and excellence in ministry.

5. ...we will be protected from any terrorist attacks, and that all

attacks against our families will be destroyed.

6. ...the members and families of New Life will not suffer lack in

any area. We believe all needs will be supplied.

7. ...sickness and disease will be diminished, and that healing will

come to those who are sick.

8. ...our members will be successful in their businesses and other


9. ...God will bring peace and strength to those serving in our

armed forces. We believe God will protect and keep our soldiers.

10. …each marriage will be strengthened and fortified in every

area this year.

11. ...every single man and woman, and every single parent will be

at peace, filled with God's love and successful in every endeavor. 

12. ...our children and students will be successful in their studies

and excel in their education.

13. ...those who are incarcerated will develop a relationship with

Jesus Christ and will find peace in their lives. 

14. ...supernatural resources will be filtered to our local church in

order to fulfill the vision of this ministry.

15. ...our membership will develop a passion and desire for the

word of God.

16. ...our local church and the body of Christ as a whole will be

unified and tethered, making Christ the center of us all.

17. ...doors will be opened for greater impact socially and through

new communication channels (video, television, radio, etc.). 

18. ...resources and opportunities will come for expansion in

marketing efforts.

19. ...our Pastors will be strengthened and given clear direction

towards the fulfillment of the vision of our local church.

20. ...those suffering with addictions and bondage will be freed and

delivered in Jesus’ name.

21. ...our president, state and local officials will be protected and

would govern this nation with the interest of the safety and

empowerment of this country.

Series Graphics

Download these graphics and share on social media and with friends!

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